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No Limits: Deven Jackson's Story


There is no slowing down Deven Jackson.

The 11-year-old Jackson, a native of Perry County, Pennsylvania, may have lost his legs in August 2012 after a life-threatening battle, but today he is standing tall. After months of grueling physical rehab as he learned to walk on his prosthetic legs, Jackson incredibly made his return to the football field to play the game that he loves. And he's done it all with a smile.

"The one game was just a perfect game," Jackson said after returning to the field. "I scored a touchdown, got an extra point, I had some tackles. That was like my most perfect day. I can never forget about that day."

As Jackson continued to fight his way back and return to form on the gridiron, he received a call from Chip Kelly. The Eagles' head coach invited him to not only come to a home game, but to also lead the team out of the tunnel during a nationally televised Sunday night game.

For anyone in Jackson's situation, it would take an immense amount of courage to run out onto the field with an NFL team on prosthetic legs with the whole sports world watching.

All Jackson needed was a helmet.

Click here or press play on the video above to see our complete Road To Victory piece on Jackson's inspirational story, produced by Chris Barletto of Eagles Network.

"It was one of the most amazing experiences I've had producing a feature," said Barletto. "I'm sure I got way more out of it than anything I could ever hope to give back to him."

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