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Nick Foles Understands What This Win Means To Eagles Fans


Fresh off his trip from Disney World, Nick Foles now has a momentous and well-deserved championship parade to prepare for today.

His Super Bowl MVP performance that featured the unforgettable "Philly Special" easily goes down as one of the all-time great plays in Eagles history and a career-defining moment for the 29-year-old quarterback. Perhaps most impressively, Foles approached head coach Doug Pederson on the sideline to suggest the call.

"In the game, we had talked about that situation and the great thing about Doug you know he's always going to listen," Foles said. "It just came to men. It just felt like the right time and it's ultimately his decision, so he can say no, but that's the great thing about him. He has confidence in his players, he has confidence in me, and as you all saw, I've seen the replay, the mic'd up; it's really cool. I think you just get to see a little insight into our relationship. There's a lot of trust, a lot of faith, and it was really cool to go out there in that moment and execute and get a touchdown right there."

Said Pederson about the play: "I just think it shows the trust that we have as quarterbacks and the trust that they have in me to call that play and the guys to execute it. It was the right time at the right moment, and it will be a pretty famous play I think now that will be talked about for a long time."

The magnitude of all that's transpired over the last few days hasn't quite settled in yet as Foles cleared out his locker Wednesday. Hopefully, it all sinks in today when the players shuttle down Broad Street with the Lombardi Trophy.

"I haven't had a lot of time to reflect. It's been pretty wild just being in this moment," Foles said. "Being a part of this Super Bowl team, that play, in particular, it'll take a little time for all this to soak in. ... There's been a lot going on so all of the emotions of everything you encounter in this moment because not many people win the Super Bowl so I'm sure over the next week once I've had time to rest and sort of reflect back everything will start to settle in."

Foles credited the team's overall unselfishness, operating behind the best offensive line in football, and the genuineness of Pederson in the team's historic success. Having been drafted by the Eagles and now returning to help bring Philadelphia its first Super Bowl title, Foles knows how much this championship means for Eagles fans far and near.

"Ever since I got here, just being around the city, being around the people across the United States wherever I go, there are Eagles fans everywhere," he said. "I was in Disney World and there were tens of thousands of Eagles fans down there just so excited. So yeah, trust me, we all know the magnitude of this for this city and for Philadelphia Eagles fans across the world.

"I have friends overseas that are watching with Eagles fans over there and it's really cool the widespread of the fan base. Everyone loves the Eagles and everyone's been waiting a really long time for this so now to be in this moment, we just all have to enjoy it. We all have been saying this is a long time coming so we're blessed to be a part of it."

When asked what he expects from the fans during the parade Foles replied, "That's a great question. I don't think anyone really knows," he laughed. "We're really excited about it. I know there's supposed to be millions of people. I can't wait to go down Broad, go to the art museum, and see everything. This is what you dream of, so it's really cool."

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