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Nick Foles: 'The Good Teams Find Ways To Win'


Quarterback Nick Foles made his first start at home this season against the Oakland Raiders. Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles ended the night with a 19-10 win over the Raiders at Lincoln Financial Field.

Despite the win, it was a bit of a struggle for Foles and the offense.

"I didn't play good enough, absolutely," Foles said. "I'll look at the film, I'll improve. These wins are tough, wins in the NFL are tough, and this was a crazy sloppy game. I thought our defense played wonderfully, gave us opportunities. I believe it was five turnovers, that's huge. So, this win was big."

Foles was 19-of-38 for 163 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Foles was able to find running back Jay Ajayi in the first quarter for a 17-yard touchdown to get the Eagles on the scoreboard, but that was the offense's only touchdown of the night. The Eagles were just 1-of-14 on third down and 1-of-3 in the red zone, two areas where the team has excelled all season.

This performance comes in comparison to the last time Foles went up against the Raiders in 2013 when he threw seven touchdown passes to tie an NFL record.

"You always want to win playing the perfect game. You always want to win throwing seven touchdowns, that's how you want to win," Foles said. "This game was totally different than the last time I played Oakland but in the NFL and the team sport, you want to find a way to win. The good teams find ways to win and we did tonight.

"It's a humbling league. We're going to continue to work but I'm going to enjoy this win. I know there's a lot of stuff to work on and I know that we have the people around to improve on the areas we didn't do so well tonight but we're 13-2 and we have a lot of guys that work really hard and we still have a lot of work to do, so that's an exciting thing because we haven't even reached our potential yet."

Now at 13-2 on the season, the Christmas night win gives the Eagles the No. 1 seed and home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

"Capturing the No. 1 seed and we're 13-2 and we still have a lot of room to improve. There's sometimes games in the NFL that go like this, I've been a part of these games before and haven't been fortunate enough to win some of them," Foles said. "So, you feel a lot better when you win it but you're also very humbled in the sense that our defense did an amazing job giving us opportunities at the end. We weren't really driving the ball and Jake (Elliott) made a great kick. It's something that we have to clean up because we can't go out there and do that and expect to win games."

Foles plans to use this game as a learning experience in preparation for next week's regular-season finale against the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles will have a bye week before heading into the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

"Oakland played a great game. Their defense came out and they did a really good job and I'm excited to look at the film to see how we can improve," Foles said. "Games like this where it's not clean, those games are the one where you really analyze the film even harder because things didn't work out. I can be like, 'All right, what would I have done next time if I see this coverage?' and then you can improve. If everything went perfect all the time, it would be hard to improve. So this is one where I'll be able to look at it and get a lot of improvement out of it.

"These are the games where they're difficult, you have to grind through them, but you learn a lot and that's the great thing. We watch film of everything, we'll improve on it and that's the exciting thing. I know the group we have and I know the coaches. I can't wait to look at the film and see how we can improve in these areas because there's so many areas we can improve."

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Oakland Raiders, 19-10. This win clinched home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

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