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News, Notes From NFL's Annual Meeting


ORLANDO -- Head coach Doug Pederson provided some updates on players on the roster and some who aren't currently on the roster during his media time with reporters on Tuesday at the NFL's Annual Meeting. Some of what Pederson had to say …

  • On replacing Patrick Robinson as the nickel cornerback, Pederson said the competition will be significant. "That's an area we'll have to address this spring. We've got some guys – whether it's Jalen Mills moving in there, whether it's (Daryl) Worley moving in there – whoever that might be, we've got some young guys – (De'Vante) Bausby is on the outside, D.J. Killings, a couple of young players who could possibly move and work inside – it will be a little bit of an opportunity for those guys to grab that spot."
  • Pederson thinks Mills can help throughout the secondary, actually. "I think he's comfortable enough. He understands. Plus I think he's a versatile guy. If you ever need him to play a safety spot, he can go back. He's that type of athlete. He's not just one position. I think he's versatile enough now that we can move him around a little bit. For a guy who was drafted where he was, late (seventh round), he's been a real, real big bright spot for us his first two years."
  • Pederson has not ruled out the possibility that running back/return man Darren Sproles could return to the team. Sproles is currently an unrestricted free agent after suffering a torn ACL and a broken arm in Week 3 against the Giants. "We've reached out to him and talked to him. He's expressed he wants to be back here, he knows we want him back here. He's a big part of our team. Punt returner. He's a tremendous back. Third-down guy. He wants to still play and I want him to play. And I want him to be an Eagle. He's a veteran player. Let him spend time with his family. I'm not concerned about Darren Sproles going forward. I just know the way he works, the way he trains, the way he gets himself prepared. If and when he decides to sign and come back, come on. We're ready for him."
  • On third-year running back Wendell Smallwood, Pederson said he remains high on the 2016 fifth-round draft pick. "I like Wendell, Pederson said. "I think it was just a situation where we brought in Jay (Ajayi) and Wendell was the guy that we had to put down each week. I'm encouraged by Wendell. He's got value to our football team. He's got special teams value. I'm not concerned there."
  • Second-year cornerback Sidney Jones is expected to be completely healthy for work in the spring and Pederson has high hopes for the 2017 second-round draft pick. "It's going to be a big offseason for him," Pederson said. "Creates competition. Creates depth. Whether he ends up being a starter or not is up to him and how he performs. Right now it's just a matter of him competing and showing us what he can do."
  • The Eagles went for it on fourth and goal in the second quarter of the Super Bowl and made it, running the "Philly Philly" play. Would Pederson ever call that play again? "No, there's no way you ever call that again. It's out there. Anytime your quarterback does that (moves in motion as Nick Foles did), it's over. Now, I'm not saying you couldn't do that and run something else, you could do something else off it. You're probably not going to see it this year." So is "Philly Philly" retired? "I would say it's more on the back burner," Pederson said. "Retired … he hasn't put in his (retirement) papers yet."
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