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Murray: We Need To Finish


Last Sunday, communication issues between DeMarco Murray and Mark Sanchez were evident. They got tangled up multiple handoffs, making it look like the two were not in sync. However, after a week of practice together, Murray is confident those problems are solved.

If Sanchez plays against the Buccaneers in place of the injured Sam Bradford, who has not yet practiced this week, the running back is sure things will go off without a hitch this time around.

"Obviously not working with each other throughout the course of the year and then working with Sam, not necessarily reading it and Mark coming in as more of a runner," Murray explained, "we got it fixed this week. It shouldn't be a problem moving forward."

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Clearly every quarterback is different. Now that adjustments have been made to better suit Sanchez's style, Murray feels all the more comfortable.

Unlike some of the other players in the locker room, the running back had not experienced action in a regular season game with Sanchez prior to Sunday. There may be a bit of a learning curve, but the practice has been vital for both as they work through the mechanics.

Another reason Murray and Sanchez need to be on the same page has to do with Ryan Mathews, who also has been kept off the practice field this week with a concussion.

Murray still doesn't know how his workload will be affected if his teammate unable to play, but he and the remainder of the running back corps will be more than ready for the challenge.

"We've got other guys that'll have to step up and step in," Murray said. "You've got Kenjon (Barner) who's been a really good player in this league and obviously (Darren) Sproles is a dynamic player. I'm sure guys will have to step up and carry the load."

Despite injuries and lineups though, Murray and the Eagles know they need to play a complete 60 minutes worth of football on Sunday. They need the win over Tampa Bay. The importance of this result is not lost on them.

"It's very important to come out every week and make sure you're ready to play," Murray said. "I think we came out last week firing, but we didn't finish well. Us as players, we didn't execute the game plan thoroughly throughout the course of the game. We have to continue to play all four quarters like we did the first quarter."

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