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Mosley: TE, CB Needs; Kolb On The Rise

The Draft Watch is underway on the blog network as NFC East blogger Matt Mosley looks at the "under the radar needs" for the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants and Redskins.

In examining Philadelphia, Mosley believes the team has needs at both tight end and cornerback.

Here is what he had to say about Philadelphia:

"The Eagles have some rather glaring needs at linebacker and safety. If you think Marlin Jackson's the automatic answer at free safety, you're a pretty optimistic Eagles fan. I don't trust a man who's had an ACL tear on each knee the past two seasons. So you have to take a long look at rookies such as Nate Allen and Taylor Mays and decide what you want to do at No. 24.

"The Eagles also have an under-the-radar need at tight end. Brent Celek has emerged as one of the best in the league, but the Eagles could use a blocking tight end to help the running game. Mike Bell gives them more power in the backfield. Now, they have to open a hole or two in short-yardage situations. The Eagles have an excellent fullback, but let's not act like Leonard Weaver's some type of battering ram at that position.

"In other news, it's time to draft some more cornerbacks. Sheldon Brown's starting to break down and Asante Samuel didn't play well down the stretch. His interception totals are nice, but the guy makes way too many mistakes. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was very frustrated with him at times. The Eagles have to create more depth at cornerback -- and the draft's a good place to start."

And if you're interested in stocks, Mosley offers his NFC East Stock Watch. In it, he says Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb is on the rise, while Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is falling.

On Kolb, Mosley said: "Obviously, we're spending most of our time talking about a potential Donovan McNabb trade. But one of the main reasons the Eagles are suddenly so eager to move their veteran quarterback is their belief that Kolb is ready to take over. None of this would be taking place if Kolb had flopped in those two starts last season. But now he has won over the offensive coaches and a lot of his young teammates.

"If you took an anonymous poll among the Eagles' offensive players right now, I fully believe that Kolb would be favored to start over McNabb. There's a feeling in the organization that it's time to turn the page. And why not do it while McNabb still has some value on the open market? The Kolb era has finally arrived -- if the Eagles can land a decent draft pick for McNabb."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 7:00 a.m., March 27

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