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Mornhinweg Impressed With Newcomers

In addition to his comments on the integration of Jeremy Maclin into the team's offense, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg also gave his take on the progress of several newcomers to the Eagles offense who have been practicing throughout training camp.

On Cornelius Ingram: "If you step back and look at the big picture with Cornelius, he didn't play last year due to a major injury. So, he's coming off a major injury and hadn't played. And then when he did play previous to that, they used him in a slot type, receiver type mode. He's learning a lot on top of coming off a major knee injury and not playing last year and he's doing an exceptional job there. It's going to be a daily grind for him mentally and physically because he's coming off that major injury and he is pushing it and he's doing an outstanding job. You can see the great athleticism he has. He's got terrific athleticism especially for his size. You can see that on most plays. Now his challenge is to continue to learn and play."

On LeSean McCoy: "LeSean is doing a terrific job up-to-date, and we ask an awful lot of the halfback spot in our offense. The protection part is taxing mentally and he's picked that up very well. We move him outside strong, outside weak, inside strong, inside weak, we motion him out of the backfield and he's done an excellent job with that. Now, that's not to say he's not making some mistakes but, the mistakes that he's making are minimal and correctable. He's doing a fine job. I've been impressed with LeSean."

On Stacy Andrews: "He's getting an awful lot of work in. He's getting comfortable with our system, with our calls and with the verbiage. Things happen fast up front, much faster then one would think. And a lot of things happen and they happen fast. He's getting comfortable with that right now and he's doing a heck of a job for us."

On Brandon Gibson: "He's extremely impressive situationally. He has shown excellent size and he's a big guy, and then on top of that he's shown quickness and strength and quite a little bit of speed. So, he's been impressive, he flashes at you big. So now his challenge is to play at that high level and do it each and every time."

On Eldra Buckley: "[RB Eldra] Buckley is not surprising me because in mini-camps I thought, 'this guy might be a pretty good player', and then you get him out with the pads on and he's even better then he is in mini-camps and we all thought that might be the case, and he's having an excellent camp."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:42 p.m., August 4

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