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Here are some excerpts from QB Donovan McNabb's transcript:

On whether he is surprised that WR Jeremy Maclin is not in camp yet:"No, because I wasn't here for my rookie year. It's part of the business. It's something that you go through. I'm just excited that we had an opportunity to work out in Arizona. For the days that he's missed, I've had an opportunity to work with him, so when he comes in we can just feed on that."

On RB LeSean McCoy coming to camp as a kid and getting an autograph from McNabb and what is going through McCoy's head as he's out here for the first time:"(Jokingly) hopefully that wasn't more than just a couple years ago. I'm not that old. That makes me sound real old. I'm not Brett [Favre]. That wasn't a bad thing. I think for him, he's got a lot racing through his mind. [There is] a lot of pressure on his shoulders, being drafted as a running back when we have Westbrook here. Now everyone is expecting him to do so much. The same went for Tony Hunt. It's a lot of pressure on your shoulders when you're coming out battling versus one of the best running backs ever to play here in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform.

"Also, he's from the Pennsylvania area, so he's got a lot of people behind him and a lot of people pushing for him to do great things. Then we are trying to lead him in there so he can pick up things faster. There's a lot on his shoulders but I think he's handled it really well. [He's] making sure that he's staying the course and continuing to stay aware that the guys around him can take a lot of pressure off of him. If he has any questions we'll be able to provide answers for him and for him to just go play football."

On the T.O. Show:"(Jokingly) I will be on there. I'll be making an appearance on the show. Write this down. No I won't. The T.O. Show was alright. The first episode had some interesting people on there. I'm sure it's going to continue on."

On how the T.O. Show could be improved:"(Jokingly) By not having it."

On who he sees becoming the leader of the defense:"That's kind of hard to say because you don't want to put pressure on people who can't handle that role. I think Quintin Mikell and [CB] Sheldon [Brown] are those guys who can handle that in the secondary. Not to take anything away from [CB] Asante [Samuel], with this being Asante's second year, that's something that I think eventually will get into him. People already kind of look to him for making the big play for us. [LB] Stewart Bradley, the guy in the middle who comes from Nebraska, that was kind of the role that they all had to play anyway.

"You just never know who can arise as that big leader on the defense, but I think Quintin Mikell can definitely handle that in the secondary. Not really to fill the shoes of Dawk because that's hard to fill, but just kind of to do what everyone expects from Quintin."

On RB Brian Westbrook's recovery: "I don't know much about the injury he had. I know that they have been rehabbing it all throughout the offseason. He's told me that he is definitely excited about the rehab they've been doing. We all have confidence that he'll come back and come back strong. I think it'll be important for us not to kind of bury [RB] LeSean [McCoy] into the ground, of just kind of pushing him to do everything right now so that he'll burn out later.

"You get guys like [RB] Lorenzo Booker. You get guys like [FB] Leonard Weaver who can definitely help out in so many ways in that aspect, especially Weaver because he can play the tailback position. So, when we go single back we can use him a little bit more to take the pressure off both of them. It'll be important for us to make sure that we provide that information for those guys so they'll be ready when the guys come."

Click here for the complete transcript.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 2:45 p.m., July 27

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