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Mike Zimmer: 'It's A Heck Of An Eagles Team'


The Vikings enjoyed their winningest regular season since 1998 under head coach Mike Zimmer. In his fourth year in Minnesota, he produced a 13-3 record, four All-Pro players, and a trip to the NFC Championship game. Last week's Divisional Round win against the Saints sent shockwaves across the NFL as it was the first playoff game to ever end in a game-winning touchdown as regulation time expired.

During Wednesday's conference call with the Philadelphia media, Zimmer answered questions regarding preparing his team for Sunday's game.

On his team refocusing after their win over the Saints:

"We watched the film of the Eagles. I think it gets them focused pretty quick. That game was Sunday. Today's Wednesday, so we're over that already. We've got a big task in front of us. It's a heck of an Eagles team. They've got an outstanding defense, tops in the league in red zone touchdown percentage. I can go on and on and on about this team so I think they understand the task that we have at hand and the opportunity that we may have as well.

"Our team has been pretty smart about understanding the challenges we have ahead of us each week. We know how good Philadelphia is and we're going to have to play very good to beat them so I don't think that will be an issue. What happened last week, happened last week and now we move on."

On the Eagles aggressive playcalling and willingness to take shots on fourth down:

"They went for it 26 times this year and converted 17 so they have been very aggressive. They've gone for it on fourth-and-1 a lot of times. Sometimes they'll be up by 20 points on fourth-and-6 and they'll go for it so we have to be prepared at any point. We've been fairly good in the short-yardage situation this year defensively so we're going to have to be on point there as well."

On the playmaking ability of defensive tackle Fletcher Cox:

"Well, I loved him coming out when he was drafted by the Eagles. Strong, physical, he's got great quickness. In the four-down lineman scheme, those inside pass rushers are extremely valuable. He is an outstanding player. He's good against the run. He's good in the passing game. He's got great quickness. Good hands, good strength, and power and I think that's what makes him good."

On sticking with quarterback Case Keenum:

"He's played really good when he's been in there. He's done an outstanding job taking care of the football, getting us in the right plays, and making plays. Throwing the ball, our offense been moving the ball well and he's earned the right.

"He's a fighter. That's what he does. I think everybody's always ruled him out and he just continues to try and prove people wrong."

On preparing to play at Lincoln Financial Field:

"Pretty much like we have all year long. I understand Philadelphia has great fans, it's going to be a loud atmosphere, but it's NFL football so we have to go in there and focus on the things we have to do to win the football game.

"We have to be prepared for everything. We do our very best each week to prepare for every situation we're going to get in. Try to do our best and hopefully our players execute better than their players. It's just part of it. Whether they do a lot of stuff, or we do a lot of stuff, and you just try to prepare your best for however you can do."

Check out photos from the Eagles' January 17 practice at the NovaCare Complex. The team is preparing to take on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

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