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McNutt Takes On Practice Role Of RGIII

Wide receiver Marvin McNutt wants to make a name for himself in the NFL. That's the goal. At the moment, though, the rookie wide receiver is doing anything he is asked to help the team.

And this week, that meant that McNutt, a sixth-round draft pick on the Eagles' practice squad, played the part of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"I played quarterback in high school and was recruited to Iowa as a quarterback, so they asked me to play the position this week. That's what it was," said McNutt. "I tried to give the defense the best possible look."

McNutt is a left-handed thrower, while Griffin is right handed, but other than that there wasn't much that didn't go well, according to the defense. The idea was to give the defense a sampling of what to expect from Washington on Sunday, both from a speed standpoint and from a scheme standpoint.

"Hopefully, as a receiver I'm not slow," he said. "I was there to give the defense a look. I trained with him (prior) to the draft, so I kind of knew how he moved."

McNutt didn't study a lot of Griffin III during the week, but he understands how the Redskins put Griffin III in position to make an impact.

"They just put him in position to do what he does best, and that's to make plays," said McNutt. "I thought our defense did well in practice. I think we'll be ready on Sunday."

It was the first time McNutt simulated a quarterback for the scout team in practice, and it may not be the last: Carolina's Cam Newton is next on the schedule.

"I don't know," said McNutt. "That's something the coaches will discuss, so we'll see."

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