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McCoy Still A Key For Offense

Much of the buzz coming from the Eagles' locker room recently has sounded more like the jargon found in a dance studio than an NFL facility. After the offense struggled against the Cardinals last week, the words "rhythm" and "balance" have been thrown around quite a bit.

Quarterback Michael Vick has thrown 125 pass attempts this season, good for third most in the league. But because Vick has only a 66.2 quarterback rating to show for it, many are asking why the Eagles don't run the ball more. Head coach Andy Reid understands that versatility is the best way to keep defenses guessing.

"Listen, you're seeing it with some of the good throwing teams in this league," Reid said Wednesday. "Balance, you've got to have some sort of balance, whether that's 60-40, 70-30. You've got to be able to, obviously, keep defenses off balance and, at the same time, get yourself in a rhythm as an offense."

That rhythm will require a healthy dose of running back LeSean McCoy. His ability to shake off defenders and reliably pick up yards brings yet another dimension to a potentially elite offensive unit.

Despite McCoy only receiving four carries in the first half of Sunday's game, he is near the top of the league in terms of touches. His 58 rushing attempts through three games are tied for sixth-most among running backs. Perhaps that's why McCoy isn't worried about the coaches forgetting about him come game time.

"I trust those guys," McCoy said after practice Wednesday. "I trust them that they know what type of player I am. They have a lot of confidence in me. I don't think there's every a time when I have to go tell them, 'give me the ball.'"

After all, McCoy is far from the only star on offense. Wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are big play threats. Brent Celek and Jason Avant are dependable players who are more than capable of making things happen. And that's not even counting Vick's dual threat abilities.

So while offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will occasionally ask his players for input, McCoy knows the offense is at its most dangerous when everyone is involved.

"There are times when Marty will ask, 'Who do you want?' or 'Who do you see,' things like that," McCoy explained. "It's never a case where I'm telling him, 'Hey, I want the ball' because that would be selfish.

"With this type of offense, with this many type of players around, the big plays we're capable of on each play, it's hard to ask for the ball with your name on it."

The Eagles offense is looking to get back on track against a familiar Giants defense. Both units know each other well and don't like each other at all. The rivalry has produced several close games in recent years, but nearly all have gone the Eagles way. Since 2008 the Eagles have won seven of the last nine meetings, including the 2008 playoff game that sent the Eagles to the NFC Championship game.

"We're fighting for first place," McCoy said. "It's a division game; it's a Sunday night game at that. It's going to be tons of fun."

To dance around the Giants defense Sunday night, the Eagles would be wise to remember the words they've been hearing all week – "rhythm" and "balance."

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