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McCoy Makes Most Of His Touches

ST. LOUIS –- LeSean McCoy gives an aw-shucks kind of interview after every game in which he plays well, which is every week. Following Sunday's 31-13 win over the Rams, a game in which McCoy opened the Eagles' scoring with a 7-yard catch and run and then iced it with a zig-zagging 49-yarder in the fourth quarter, McCoy was quick to give credit all around.

"We have so many weapons that I'm just glad to get my touches and do my part," said McCoy, who had 122 rushing yards on 15 carries and added 15 yards on a pair of receptions. "This offense is so explosive."

There is no doubt about that, and McCoy is a major reason. He did it as a receiver early and as a runner late to help the offense push over the 400-yard total net yardage mark in the victory. Down 7-0, McCoy caught a middle screen from quarterback Michael Vick and picked his way through traffic to reach the end zone and tie up the game.

It was an important score to reverse the momentum on the road, and it converted a key red-zone play on third down.

"That's a play we work on in practice," said McCoy. "I had a little bit of room and saw the end zone and got there."

As he did so many times last season, McCoy owned the fourth quarter. He had 4 carries for 97 yards, including the 49-yard burst for the six points. McCoy showed that he gets stronger and stronger the more touches he gets.

McCoy gained 132 yards on 17 touches, which is remarkable production. But that is nothing new for McCoy, who led the NFC in total yards from scrimmage last season.

"I'm ready for whatever they give me," said McCoy, in his third NFL season. "I just have to take advantage of my touches and help the team win. Honestly, that's all that matters. We won this game and started the season right. That's all that matters to me."

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