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McCoy: Could Have, Should Have

PITTSBURGH -- As he dressed in the visitor's locker room at Heinz Field, running back LeSean McCoy muttered to himself the would have's, could have's of a chance gone by the wayside, and who could blame him? The Eagles lost 16-14 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in an ugly game on an ugly day in the Western corner of the state, and the Eagles were none too pleased about the blown chance.

"We shot ourselves in the foot too much," said McCoy, who ran for 53 yards on 16 carries and added 27 yards and a touchdown on 4 receptions. "I felt we could drive the ball on them, but we didn't do it enough. We stopped ourselves. We know we need to convert and score.

"It's frustrating to turn the ball over, especially when you get to the goal line. We talk about this all the time. The turnovers. We have to stop them. Been saying that all year."

McCoy did his part in a fourth-quarter drive that led to a go-ahead touchdown, converting a pair of fourth-and-1 runs. On the first, he was stopped short and just kept pushing for the first down. On the second, McCoy powered his way to keep the drive alive.

"Keep the legs moving," he said. "That's what we're supposed to do."

In the end, though, the loss was disappointing for many reasons. The offense squandered chances to score and instead put another last-drive pressure moment on the defense. Unlike the wins over Cleveland, Baltimore and New York, the defense faltered.

"I can't blame our defense," said McCoy. "They were great. Pittsburgh scored 16 points. We have to score more than that. We can't put everything on the defense each week."

It was also disappointing because McCoy returned to his college roots. He starred at the University of Pittsburgh, and has a picture of his time there on the wall in the press box.

"It wasn't anything personal for me," he said. "This was a business trip and we lost. I'm disappointed about that. It was about the team."

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