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Mayock: Carson Wentz Represents Hope


In the last 10 years of evaluating quarterbacks for the NFL Draft, Mike Mayock says that the two easiest evaluations were Andrew Luck, who went No. 1 overall to the Colts in 2012, and the Eagles' Carson Wentz.

"Regardless of what college Wentz came out of, he was that easy to do on film," Mayock said. "I think when you meet the kid and shake his hand and talk to him and get a feel for him, I feel the same way as when I'm going to sit with Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees. He gives you the same vibe."

For Mayock, the NFL Network's top draft analyst and a Philadelphia native, Wentz provides the Eagles with an answer to the most critical question in the sport.

"The whole key in the NFL is, do you have a franchise quarterback? And I think what Carson Wentz represents right now is hope. Hope that you can build around him. Hope you can be a playoff team in the near future. And, hopefully, you can bring a championship to a city that hasn't had one since 1960," Mayock said.

Mayock recalls the days of watching the Eagles play at Frankin Field in the 1960s. His father, Mike Sr., was the offensive line coach at the University of Penn at the time. On Sundays, Mayock would tag along with his father and watch the games from Weightman Hall, which overlooks the field.

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During the preseason, Mayock still has the best view of the action. He is the analyst for the Eagles' television broadcast team along with play-by-play voice Scott Graham and sideline reporter Dave Spadaro.

"What I really love is that the team that the Eagles have put together to do these games is as good as any network television broadcast," Mayock said. "(Vice president, executive producer) Chris Johnson and the Eagles have done an amazing job of saying we really care about the fans and their experience and we put together a team that we really believe in and we're going to attack this thing like it's an NFL regular-season game to give the fans the best experience possible. I love working with these guys. I love being around Training Camp and practice. The staff, the football coaches, Howie (Roseman) and his staff have been unbelievable. For me, it's very special. The month of August is really special."

Mayock was honored recently by the Pro Football Writers Association with the Jack Horrigan Award, which is bestowed upon the "league or club official for his or her qualities and professional style in helping the pro football writers do their job." Horrigan was a former public relations director for the American Football League and later the president of public relations for the Buffalo Bills. Mayock hosts multiple conference calls with reporters leading up to the NFL Draft that last over two hours at a time. He also meets with reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine for a press conference to share his knowledge and insight of the draft prospects.

"I think what's important to me about it is I know a lot of the pro football writers around the league. They're incredibly passionate and very professional in how they go about their job. They're always looking for information," Mayock said. "The irony about my job is that from a draft or personnel perspective it's pretty much the job of most head coaches and GMs to keep information away from people. Their job is to keep things in the building. My job is to be as honest and professional as I can in helping people understand a very detailed situation with the draft. It's kind of cool these guys thought enough of my work to recognize me."

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