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Lurie Expresses Contempt For Racist Comments

Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie made it perfectly clear on Monday when asked about racist comments alleged to have been made by Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling that there is no place in society for such bigotry.

"Whoever made those comments -- to be determined -- completely disgusting and not just in the sports world," said Lurie from the Prince Hall School, site of the organization's 18th Annual Playground Build. "There is no place for that kind of attitude in life. To me, it was just disgusting, abhorrent, what else do you want to say?

"I'm sure Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner) will get to the bottom of it quickly and we will all find out exactly what happened there and who it's attributed to. I don't want it to be seen as a sports issue. It's a global issue and anybody who makes those kind of remarks about any race on the planet is just not acting in a healthy and human way."

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