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Lombardi: Eagles Need To Draft Elite Playmaker On 'D'

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network and the National Football Post analyzed what the Eagles should do with the 11 picks they have in the upcoming draft. Only the New England Patriots have more draft picks, but the Eagles' selections are more front-loaded with five of the first 87 picks.

Lombardi said that the Eagles have the ability to get an elite, blue-chip player if they choose to do so. The key is determining at exactly at what pick those blue-chip players run dry.

"They must go over every scenario and find the line of demarcation," Lombardi said. "They've got all of those second, third and fourth-round picks. Those are arsenal to move up or down."

With the amount of picks the Eagles have, Lombardi said there is no reason why the Eagles shouldn't move up and draft an elite defensive playmaker.

"You've got to go get a great player. They have to go get somebody who can make a difference, especially on defense," Lombardi said. "I would go defensive line, pass-rusher because that's critical or corner if they can get a shutdown guy that they feel is a premium player or safety if they can get it."

Lombardi said that the picks should also be used to help provide added flexibility for the 2011 NFL Draft. In fact, Lombardi believes that the Eagles should take one of their two second-round picks, maybe the one that was acquired in the Donovan McNabb trade, and flip it for a first-round selection next year.

"I think they'll be some desperate teams, especially with the length of the draft. National television, Thursday night. A lot of time (between Thursday and Friday's second round) to think about things," Lombardi said. "Maybe someone will want the 37th pick because they didn't pick in the first round and they'll be willing to give you next year's one."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:00 p.m., April 8

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