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Lombardi: Eagles, Browns Deal Could Be Win For Both

Amid all the rumors circulating regarding the Eagles and their quarterbacks, Michael Lombardi in a piece for believes the Eagles and Browns could swing a deal that would be a "win for both teams" and help the Eagles close the gap in the division and the conference.

Noting Browns president Mike Holmgren's desire to have a franchise quarterback in place and GM Tom Heckert's familiarity with Kevin Kolb since he was involved in drafting the former University of Houston product, Lombardi says a trade would make sense.

But at what price? Cleveland's first-round pick, the seventh overall?

Actually, Lombardi says he could see a deal where the Eagles would send Kolb to Cleveland in exchange for Pro Bowl nose tackle Shaun Rogers, a player Lombardi believes can help Philadelphia close the gap between the Eagles and Cowboys.

Writes Lombardi: "Rogers would be a gap closer on the field. He would give the Eagles a dominating inside player, something they don't currently have on their roster and someone who can match up with the Cowboys' size along their offensive line. Rogers is signed to a long-term deal, he's kept his weight down and he was a model citizen in Cleveland last season — all of which would be appealing to the Eagles. Kolb gives the Browns a future quarterback, something Holmgren knows he needs, without having to part with a draft pick. This trade might be a win/win for both teams."

And if the Eagles can then land potential free agent defensive end Julius Peppers, Lombardi says that would move the Eagles ahead of the Cowboys.

"If the Eagles make these two moves, they'll be a final four team next season, regardless of what they do in the draft," Lombardi writes.

Of course, the Eagles would then likely use the draft to bring in a young signal caller to replace Kolb.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 4:00 p.m., February 10

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