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Kolb Rumor-Mill Keeps Churning

All offseason, there has been rampant speculation as to where Kevin Kolb will be playing quarterback in 2011. Kolb, of course, is the Eagles' backup signal-caller behind Michael Vick. He's expressed his desire to be a starter somewhere in the league, and while the Eagles may choose to accomodate that wish, they could also choose to keep Kolb as high-quality Vick insurance.

But, head coach Andy Reid has acknowledged that the Eagles will listen to offers for Kolb. With the NFL Draft now concluded, there's a clearer picture of the teams in need of a young quarterback. Among those, it appears that two NFC West teams have emerged as the likeliest destination for the Eagles' second-round pick in 2007.

"I think that when the lockout is lifted, there's no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade Kevin Kolb. I think at this point in time, it's fairly certain that he's going to wind up in the NFC West," said ESPN's Adam Schefter. "Right now, all signs point to Kevin Kolb somehow finding his way to Arizona, which would make Larry Fitzgerald very happy, which would make the Cardinals an instant contender in the NFC West, and it would make them the team that they were a couple of years ago when Kurt Warner was playing quarterback, rather than last year when they had the quarterback carousel."

The other NFC West team in play, according to Schefter, is the Seattle Seahawks, who reportedly expressed significant interest in Kolb last offseason. As for the Cardinals, the team's general manager Rod Graves did little to downplay the team's interest in a quarterback.

"With respect to the quarterback question, which continually arises, we've decided as an organization that we are going to be aggressive," said Graves. "We are expecting at some point, or believing, that we will have a free agency period, an opportunity to discuss trades, and we are looking at those avenues.

"After you go 5-11, I'm not comfortable with anybody we had playing that position," echoed Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt. "You have to weigh your opportunities in the draft against other opportunities. It's a complete process. It's not an isolated process."

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