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Kolb Prepared For Debut As 'The Guy'

In 2007, Kevin Kolb was drafted to be the quarterback of the future for the Philadelphia Eagles. For three seasons, the young quarterback sat and learned the offense, preparing each week to play but rarely getting the chance. Well that wait is over in a mere 48 hours as the Kevin Kolb era is set to begin.

But Kolb isn't too interested in talking about his personal milestones. All he sees in front of him is the Green Bay Packers, and he feels the team is ready for Sunday's opener.

"We feel good, we feel confident," Kolb said. "We have a great game plan in place and we've had plenty of preparation. Now it's just a matter of getting on the field and executing the game plan."

Sunday can't get here soon enough for the players in the Eagles' locker room. After months of practice in shorts and shells, training camp at Lehigh and the four-game preseason slate, this young Eagles team now gets to put all that hard work to use and play a game that actually counts. But the first game of the season has its unique challenges, and Kevin Kolb knows the importance of playing smart and avoiding some of those classic pitfalls.

"This first one's a big one for everybody," Kolb said. "And there are a lot of crazy things that happen (in season openers), so we don't want to be one of those teams that has the fumbles and other little things that go wrong. We just want to stay within ourselves and play our game. I think we'll be alright.

"This is our first real test and it's a dang good one because (the Packers) are good…but we're looking forward to it. We have plenty of confidence in this room."

Kevin Kolb has started two games in his NFL career and Sunday will mark his first start as the team's franchise quarterback. But judging from his demeanor, you'd never know it.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 2:44 p.m., September 10

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