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Kolb: My Goal Is To Be Starter In 2010

If you listen to the endless line of rumors surrounding the Eagles' quarterback situation, you would think it's been a pretty tumultuous off-season. Luckily, Kevin Kolb has done his part to avoid the constant chatter and has instead focused his attention on his ultimate goal of leading the Eagles as the starting quarterback.

"Obviously my goal is to be the starter and to start for 16 games and to lead this team as far as we can go," Kolb said, following his first voluntary workout under new head strength & conditioning coach Barry Rubin. "Personally, I don't have a lot of personal goals right now. My goals right now are more team oriented, besides me getting on the field and proving that I can take over this thing."

Kolb said that he's made every effort to avoid the speculation that surrounds the position that currently houses himself, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick. All three quarterbacks have been rumored to be on the trading block at one point or another, and the situation is complicated further because each player has a contract that runs through the end of the 2010 league year.

"Like every other off-season I've been fishing a lot and obviously working out, trying to keep my ears and eyes closed," he said. "With everything else that's going on, (I'm) just focusing on being right here and in the now.

"It's really not that difficult for me, I've never been a guy who reads up on a lot of stuff. The only way I found out a lot of times is from friends and family so I've had to groom them to quit texting me about everything that's going on because a lot of it is rumors and wherever God puts me and the Eagles want to do then we'll roll."

Kolb, of course, started two games in 2009, going 1-1 but becoming the first player in NFL history to surpass 300 passing yards in each of his first two career starts. He spent the morning working out alongside some of his teammates, including Vick, and said it was good to see the guys again.

"It's awesome but, to be honest, it's like you never left," he said. "It's been two months, or whatever it has been, but it feels like it's been about two weeks. We're back to work, hugging each other again and ready to get after it."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 1:52 p.m., March 15

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