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Kolb Excited For Possible Opportunity

Kevin Kolb is in a position that he has never been in before - taking the first-team reps all week in preparation to start a regular season NFL game.

With Donovan McNabb temporarily sidelined with a fractured rib and his status for the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints in question, Kolb is working with the starters as the team prepares for the home opener.

"It felt great, it's the first time in a long time I've gotten to (practice with the starting offense)," Kolb said. "It's a good feeling. You get to run the huddle the way you want to.

"You know, you try not to change too much but you also want to put your own little twist on things, and I'm looking forward to it. It was a great feeling."

Kolb said he's glad he's gotten the potential starting opportunity early in the season as opposed to later in the season because his mechanics are still sharp.

"Luckily this happened when it's not too far away from training camp so a lot's still fresh in my mind," he said. "You try to duplicate it on the scout team, but it's hard because you don't get a chance to set your feet with the defensive line coming, but you'd be surprised at how fast (the mechanics) come back."

Kolb acknowledged that he hasn't made the most of his opportunities in the past, specifically in last year's Ravens game when he replaced McNabb at halftime.

"I think I pressed too much, I tried to show everyone I was ready," Kolb said. "You can't press as a quarterback. That's in the forefront of my mind; relax and play smooth. Let the guys we have out there make plays."

But that was a difficult situation. Kolb was thrust into the action without any preparation against a dominant defense. This week, he has time to prepare, work with his teammates, and focus on a gameplan.

"I'm the kind of guy that doesn't really think too far in the future or too far in the past," Kolb said. "I try to live in the here and now."

Kolb has already hit the film hard in preparation for the Saints defense, and he has a good idea of what to expect and how to be successful.

"They run a lot of Cover 2," he said. "When they come on a blitz they leave their corners on an island, which we like. Their stuff isn't extremely difficult, extremely complex, but what they do they do great. They play fast, and I'll have to get the ball out quick because we know they're going to bring some blitzes on us, and I'm sure they'll bring some we haven't seen and we'll just adjust and let our guys go make some plays and help me put some points on the board because we know we're going to have to.

"I'm the kind of guy who – I want to get the play in and boom get the huddle sharp, get it called and let's run it to the line and let's get set because I want the defense thinking and not reacting. That's why I like shifts and motions and those style of things because I want them out of their comfort zone. Like I said before, the Saints are very good at staying in their comfort zone and playing fast. You get those guys thinking and not reacting and all of a sudden things slow down a little bit on their side of the ball and we get a big play"

Knowing the impatient nature of some Eagles fans, Kolb is prepared to thrive in any environment.

"I think Andy said it best the other day, 'You'd be surprised how much you don't hear when you are on the field,'" Kolb said. "The preseason game I got booed and I didn't even know it. My dad told me after the game and I was like, 'wow.' That's just the way it goes and you do have to prepare yourself for that some, but I've done that and hopefully I'll start 2-for-2 and they'll be the other way."

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