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King: Interest In QB 'Overstated'

After Friday night's report out of Cleveland that the Eagles were one of the teams interested in the Browns' No. 4 pick, Peter King of Sports Illustrated followed up in his latest edition of Monday Morning Quarterback that the Eagles "don't want to trade up from 15 to anywhere between three and eight."

If the Eagles were to move up to No. 4, the big question is for which player? One of the players in the mix could be Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The Eagles reportedly sent quarterbacks coach Doug Pederson to the Aggies' campus to conduct a private workout. However, King states the Eagles' interest in Tannehill "has been overstated."

The big reason King cited as to why the Eagles wouldn't move up would be cost. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons moved up from No. 27 all the way to No. 6 by giving up five draft picks - two first-round selections, a second-round pick and two-fourth round picks. The Eagles wouldn't have to give up that much to move up from No. 15. If the two teams abided by the draft value chart that is used as a reference, the Eagles essentially would have to give up their first-round pick and two second-round picks this year to get to No. 4.

If the Eagles believe that there is a player moving up for, they have been aggressive in the draft throughout the Andy Reid era. Most recently, the Eagles have moved up in the first round in 2009 to get wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and in 2010 to get defensive end Brandon Graham.

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