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Kelly Explains Why Tempo Matters

Head coach Chip Kelly likes his offense to play fast, to establish a rhythm in practice and have that carry over into the games. Why is faster better for the Eagles? Kelly says it's a matter of routine.

"I just think, honestly, it's about getting into a rhythm," said Kelly in his exclusive one-on-one interview with, presented by Gatorade. "We practice at a certain rhythm and we want to play at a certain rhythm and I think when you get knocked off that rhythm and don't play at the rhythm that you've practiced at and that you're used to ... It's no different from people who get up every day and do the exact same thing and they're productive at work. When you get knocked off your routine, you kind of aren't as successful.

"It's the same thing with us. We have a rhythm that we practice with and one that we execute with and we know that when we carry that over from the practice field, you see it with the results that we're getting."

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