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Jaws: Historic Draft Coming For Eagles

The Eagles have a total of 11 picks, which is second-most in the NFL, in this week's NFL Draft. The Eagles have five of the first 87 overall selections. The Eagles have the fifth pick of the second round, which kicks off the second day of the draft. The Eagles have the seventh pick of the fourth round, which starts the third and final day of the draft.

Former Eagles quarterback and ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski said in an interview on 97.5 FM The Fanatic in Philadelphia that he "can't remember a draft that is going to be as important as this one for the Philadelphia Eagles."

Jaworski expects the Eagles to fortify the defensive side of the football for the future, but the Eagles will be tempted to add more firepower to an offense that scored 26.8 points per game which ranked fifth in the league in 2009.

"This becomes a philosophy now. Do we load up offensively? Get the running back out of Mississippi, Dexter McCluster, who is a little, smallish guy but a very versatile guy. The Eagles love the Brian Westbrook-kind of players," Jaworski said.

Of course, as a former MVP quarterback, Jaworski shed some light as to what changes fans can expect with the offense now that Kevin Kolb is the quarterback.

"It means a more accurate quarterback, shorter passing game. Get the ball out of your hand. Run with the football after you catch it," Jaworski said. "Not as many downfield passes. Donovan (McNabb) had the big, strong arm. He threw the ball down the field. You're going to see the short, crisp, quick passing game with Kevin Kolb."

Jaworski studied Kolb's two starts in 2009 and 52 percent of his passing yardage came after the catch, which Jaworski said is high among NFL quarterbacks. Forty-one percent of McNabb's yards came after the catch.

But the defense must curtail the amount of touchdown passes thrown against it in 2009. Twenty-seven touchdowns were scored in the air, which was the most-ever by an Andy Reid team.

"They need secondary help or a better pass rush. Pass defense is coverage and rush. I do not eliminate the Eagles going for a defensive lineman," Jaworski said. "If you feel someone is there as an edge pass rusher, this is a very deep draft in interior defensive linemen."

One surprise from Jaworski is that he ranks Texas safety Earl Thomas ahead of Tennessee's Eric Berry, whom is considered by many as the top safety prospect in this year's draft.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 11:10 a.m., April 19

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