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Jaws: Foles Will Be A Good Starter

Quarterback Nick Foles has a fan in former Eagles quarterback turned ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski.

During a conference call with reporters on Tuesday to discuss the 2012 NFL season, Jaworski believes that Foles, who made his first NFL start last Sunday, can not only be a starter in the NFL ... but a good one.

"With Nick Foles, he has shown through the preseason, and I watched him very closely in the preseason, out at Training Camp, he's a big, strong-armed thrower that mechanically is very sound," Jaworski said. "I think he will be a starter in the NFL and a good one."

Foles has the physical traits with the big arm and 6-6, 243-pound frame. He also has some of the intangibles needed to succeed in the NFL. He has shown to be poised in the pocket. He keeps his eyes downfield and isn't afraid of the pass rush. Foles does a good job of knowing when to get rid of the football.

In his starting debut, Foles hit some rough patches going 21-of-46 for 204 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. Jaworski initially thought that Foles played "a little fast, a little frenetic" when watching on television, but when he broke down the coaching tape he came away much more impressed.

"After looking at the tape, I thought for the most part he was under control," Jaworski said. "There were a few times I thought he got a little quick in the pocket with his feet. Hey, that's going to happen not only with a rookie in his first start but with any quarterback.

"I thought for the most part he was very, very good in the game. Now, he made some mistakes. There were times they didn't give him some help. I just don't think you can ask a young quarterback to drop back 51 times in the game and expect great results against a very complex and sophisticated Jim Haslett defense."

It remains to be seen whether Foles will get to start on Monday night against Carolina. Head coach Andy Reid said on Monday that Michael Vick will be the starter again when he's fully recovered from his concussion. At this point, it is uncertain whether Vick will be healed in time for the game.

Jaworski has been surprised by the team's 3-7 record this season. Looking ahead to the future, he doesn't think a complete roster overhaul will be needed to get the Eagles back in contention. The big question that the Eagles will have to address eventually, Jaworski said, is who will be the quarterback of the future?

"I think clearly when I look at this roster I don't think it needs to be shredded, but I do think it needs to be tweaked," he said. "The quarterback position is obviously going to be the first thing that'll have to be addressed going into next year. You have a Michael Vick; you have a Nick Foles; you have a Trent Edwards. Not a great class coming out of the collegiate level. I haven't studied the guys yet, so maybe I'm a little premature, but the people I have spoken to have said it's not a great class."

Then again, Jaworski already thinks that Foles has the potential to be a good quarterback.

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