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Reaction to Jason Kelce's retirement

Jeff Stoutland and Jason Kelce
Jeff Stoutland and Jason Kelce

Shortly after 1 PM on Monday afternoon, Jason Kelce launched into a 41-minute speech that reverberated beyond the sports landscape. Eagles fans in Philadelphia and throughout the world were wracked with emotion watching one of the most beloved players in franchise history bid farewell to the game in such a passionate, eloquent way that only No. 62 could.

But it wasn't just Eagles fans who were touched by Kelce's retirement announcement.

Of course, there were his current and former coaches and teammates.

The other Philly sports teams showed their appreciation.

Even that team with the other Kelce took notice.

You know Kelce is headed to the Hall of Fame when you see this ...

Speaking of Hall of Famers ...

Of course, with Kelce being a celebrity ...

But having the First Lady of the United States (a big Eagles fan, of course) chime in ...

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