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Jason Kelce realizes his lifelong dream of becoming a father

When Jason Kelce was just shy of turning 2 years old, he was in the hospital with his family waiting for his brother, Travis, to be born. One of the nurses went up to young Jason and asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. Jason didn't respond by saying a pro athlete, a doctor, or a superhero, as kids might say. Jason Kelce told the nurse that he wanted to be a dad.

On Wednesday evening, that dream became a reality as Kelce's wife, Kylie, gave birth to a healthy, beautiful daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, who tipped the scales at eight pounds, six ounces. Kelce said that the new mom and baby are both doing great, describing the birth as an incredible moment. The Kelces had the name Wyatt picked out for a boy and Charlotte for a girl, but friends used Charlotte for their children. They both liked how Wyatt sounded as a girl's name and went with it.

Kelce returned to the team on Thursday, sporting a T-shirt that his father, Ed, gave him that read, "The Dad Abides," a tip of the cap to The Big Lebowski. It was Ed who reminded his son of what he told the nurse 30 years ago. Now a grandfather, Ed Kelce is proud of how humble his oldest son has remained despite all of his success.

"He fully realizes being a professional athlete does not make you a better man," Ed Kelce said in a previous interview.

Kelce's mother, Donna, always appreciated how Jason makes family a priority in his life.

"Jason is a really, extremely motivated person in that he's driven by a basic fire in him," Donna said. "He's just a driven human being. He always had to do everything to the best of his ability, except for maybe cleaning his room."

Jason was asked how he is going to explain the iconic Super Bowl parade speech to his daughter years from now. He's more focused on just getting the hang of a role he's waited a lifetime to obtain.

"Still trying to figure out other things," Kelce said. "Excited and nervous about the whole process. Going with the flow."

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