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Hughes Now On Other Side Of Rivalry

Last Sunday night, when the Eagles and Giants squared off at Lincoln Financial Field, cornerback Brandon Hughes sat on his couch hoping to watch the Eagles lose.

After all, he was a member of the Giants practice squad.

But after signing with the Eagles yesterday to take the spot left void by Ellis Hobbs' placement on injured reserve, Hughes said it's not too strange playing for the team he spent all last week preparing to defeat.

"It's just seeing it from different perspectives," Hughes said Wednesday. "I got to see it from the Giants' perspective, now I can see it, in a couple of weeks, from the Eagles' perspective. It's going to be competitive, as it was when I was in New York, it's just, you're on different sides of the fence now."

It's commonplace in the NFL to have members of your practice squad impersonate players on the opposing team that week in practice. As such, Hughes spent his final week in New York playing the role of Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin.

After Maclin finished Sunday with nine catches for 120 yards, Hughes joked Wednesday that it was a difficult assignment.

"I wore the number 18 jersey (last week in practice), and I stretched the field a little bit," Hughes said. "[Jokingly] I gave them best look I could considering that I'm not a receiver."

As Hughes prepares to spend his first Sunday as part of an active roster, ironically it was against the Chicago Bears that Hughes injured his knee in the 2009 preseason while still a member of the Giants. That injury left Hughes on injured reserve for the entirety of his rookie season.

Now in Philadelphia, Hughes is prepared to help the team in whatever way he can.

"I'm just here to contribute, whatever it is that they decide down the road," Hughes said. "They don't know me. I mean, they've watched film on me. I'm assuming they still want to see what I can do when I step onto the field at practices, and then we'll go from there."

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 4:00 p.m., November 24

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