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Herremans: The Offensive Scheme Is Fine

The Eagles offense was undone last week in San Diego by its inability to convert short-yardage and red zone opportunities. The Eagles were 0-for-3 when they needed 2 yards or less on third down. In the red zone, the Eagles scored six on their final two chances, but settled for field goals on their first three trips.

It's only fitting that the Eagles play in Chicago this week. Last season, the Eagles were denied three times from the 1-yard line, including on fourth down, in the fourth quarter in a 24-20 loss.

"We all remember what happened when we went up to Chicago, the problems that we had up there," left guard Todd Herremans said. "It's a new year, a new offensive line. Hopefully, we'll be able to knock those things out, especially after last week and not have those questions asked after the game."

There is debate over why the Eagles struggled last week. Is it personnel? Is it the playcalling? Is it the offensive scheme? Herremans explained the frustration of seeing the plays work in practice, but falter on gameday.

"It's not the scheme. It's just the consistency with your technique and knowing who he needs to block and where you have to go," Herremans said. "That's why it's frustrating because you go through practice, everything looks crisp and good. Then you get in stressful parts of the game, sometimes you get a little scatterbrained. You're thinking about your assignment so much that you slip up on your technique. We just have to go out there and practice and get the muscle memory going, so you don't even have to think about the steps you take and stuff like that. It's all about repetition."

Check out what Herremans had to say about the Eagles' run-pass ratio.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:39 p.m., November 19

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