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Headlines: Offense Getting Its Swagger Back


The Eagles are back at practice Wednesday as they continue to train for this weekend's matchup with Miami. With plenty of team news to get caught up on, take a look at some of the other views for November 11 ...

Matthews Says Offense Is Getting Its Swagger Back

After a dominant Sunday night performance against Dallas, the Eagles offense is feeling confident. After a slow start to 2015, Jordan Matthews believes the team is turning a corner.

Matt Lombardo of highlighted just how important one win can be for the team, especially because it was a win over the Cowboys.

"If you look at the back half of that game," Matthews said Tuesday. "Even at our practice today, we're picking up a little bit. We're getting that swagger going. We're going to go out there, practice hard all week and try to put a good product out on the field against the Dolphins."

Graham Continues To Improve

Coming into the season as a veteran of the Eagles' defense didn't mean linebacker Brandon Graham was done improving. He's continued to work hard and get better each and every day, which is very apparent in game settings.

As Jimmy Kempski of *PhillyVoice* explained, Graham had a dominant performance against Dallas this past weekend. He made adjustments and found success, notching two sacks and two forced fumbles. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis was more than pleased with Graham's play.

"Brandon has a great pass rush and he pushed that pocket," Davis said. "He changed up his pass rush a little bit from bull, bull, bull, to the illusion of a bull rush and then he took the edge. Brandon does a great job of getting the ball out when he gets there. He just made a little tweak, and he's doing -- you can see him growing as a veteran player in his note taking and in the way he thinks through his pass rushes as opposed to just, 'Set-hike. Hey, let me just go do my thing.' He's really breaking down and having a plan with his pass rushing. He's adjusting in the game, and that's the growth that you love seeing players take."

Goode Can Relate To Hicks' Season-Ending Injury

As linebacker Najee Goode watched from the sideline on Sunday, he had a strong feeling he knew exactly what had happened to teammate Jordan Hicks.

The pectoral injury that placed Hicks on IR was similar to the one Goode suffered in the opening game of the 2014. Les Bowen of the *Daily News* talked with Goode about the similarities between the injuries following the team's Tuesday practice.

"I knew right away, just seeing what Hicks did, (though) it actually didn't look nearly as bad" as his own injury, Goode said. "He was able to move his arm around, he was able to 'resist.' . . . I had severe swelling; Hicks didn't have any of that."

According to the linebacker, he felt fairly recovered after a few months, but "the full rehab is about five months, to get back to full strength."

Sanchez's Contribution To The Winning Matthews' TD

The morning of the Dallas game, Matthews and Mark Sanchez watched film together. What Matthews didn't know was that Sanchez's advice about one particular play would really come in handy later that night.

According to Josh Paunil of Birds 24/7, the two discussed the route on the exact play that won the Eagles the game Sunday night.

"The one thing I want you thinking when we run this play is patience," Sanchez said, according to Matthews. "Be patient. Do not rush it. Because if you rush it, you're going to come back to the sideline [and] you're going to be mad at yourself.

"So just the whole time we run it, be like 'Patience, patience, patience,' and then the second you feel him coming up over you — whether it's underneath or over top of you — throw him through and get out and the ball should be there."

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