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Headlines: Moving On To Dallas Week

Top of the morning, Eagles fans! It might be rainy and gray outside, but that's not stopping this week of preparation from rolling right along. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and defensive coordinator Bill Davis will speak with reporters later this morning, and you can catch up on the latest headlines right now ...

Head coach Chip Kelly has no concerns at all about his team's ability to bounce back from Sunday's loss to Seattle.

The Eagles' sole focus now, writes Dave Spadaro, is beating the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.

Taking an Eagle's Eye look at the dominance of defensive end Fletcher Cox and linebacker Mychal Kendricks.

According to former Eagle Seth Joyner, there's absolutely nothing else like Dallas week.

from new franchise-leading rusher LeSean McCoy.

Now that LeSean McCoy stands alone as the Eagles all-time leading rusher, here's a look back at his top ten rushing performances in midnight green ...

Other Views

Re-watching and reviewing the Eagles' offensive performance against the Seattle Seahawks.

Despite the loss to Seattle, the Birds still control their own path with three games to play.

This weekend, and going forward, the Eagles need to make hay on their third down opportunities.

Since Chip Kelly took over, the Eagles haven't been big on losing streaks.

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