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Headlines: Eagles Ready To Test Luck

Happy Friday, Eagles fans! That's right: two days of the weekend and an Eagles Monday lie ahead of you. We're spoiled. Head coach Chip Kelly will meet with the media this morning, but before he does, use this time to catch up on the latest headlines...

Five Things To Know for September 12.

Newly signed tackle Wade Smith brings a well-traveled veteran presence to the Eagles' offensive line.

A full-scale game preview of Monday night's game against the Indianapolis Colts.

On Thursday, the Eagles continued to practice and prepare for their Monday night game with the Colts...

Other Views

Chip Kelly was happy that Sunday's referees were able to keep pace with his tempo offense.

Andrew Luck is a seriously talented quarterback. Chip Kelly has faced him before, and says he's impressed.

A comprehensive scouting report in advance of Monday night's showdown.

In an attempt to better understand when to challenge a play the Eagles brought in former replay official Frank Kosman.

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