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Hall Proves His Versatility

If Chad Hall's going to "create a position" for himself, as he's said he'll need to do in order to make the team, he went a long way in showing the versatility he brings Friday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars when he touched the ball 11 times in four different roles and racked up 159 all-purpose yards.

Hall returned three kickoffs for 63 yards, returned two punts for 14 yards, ran the ball twice for 22 yards and caught two passes for a total of 60 yards, including one 57-yard bomb from Mike Kafka.

"It was great," Hall said after the game. "I got out there and was excited. I put in all the hard work and I was just going to enjoy the moment, enjoy playing out there and just have some fun."

It's been a long time for Hall since he last stepped between the lines for a live football game, as he spent two years following his highly-productive career at Air Force fulfilling his military obligations.

"It was good to get my feet wet," he said. "After two and half years, it was good to get back on the grind."

Hall's two biggest plays both came in the second half. Lined up behind Michael Vick as a single back, Hall took a handoff from Vick and sprinted up the right side of the field for a 22-yard yard gain.

"We changed sides right before the snap count," Hall said, crediting Vick with the pre-snap read. "I just saw the linebacker inside a little bit, jumped it outside and sprinted.

"The line was perfect. Every guy was wrapped up, it was easy to run behind."

Then, in the fourth quarter, Hall lined up as the slot receiver and ran a go route up the field, only to find himself uncovered.

"I beat my man off the line, the safety was playing up and then (Kafka) just hit me over the safety ... Mike made a perfect throw," Hall said.

So game one was a success for the hard-working Hall, but he knows he can't rest on that performance alone - though the diminutive wide receiver will enjoy his first day off since training camp started.

"I'll enjoy a little day with my family, I have my girlfriend in town," he said, "and then it's back to work."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 6:00 p.m., August 14

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