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"Go Green" Makes Historic Announcement

The Philadelphia Eagles announced a significant accomplishment with the team's "Go Green" environmental program with the purchase of 100 percent wind energy, making them the first NFL team to run completely on sustainable energy.

"Since 2003, when we launched 'Go Green,' the Eagles have made it a very, very top priority of our organization, and our football team ... to lead the way as best we can, set a good example - in the corporate world and in the sports world - of what you can do to be responsible with the environment," Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie said.

Beginning in 2003, "Go Green" set out to make the Eagles an energy-efficient organization. Since then, the team has worked toward being "off the grid" and use only sustainable forms of energy. Their latest purchase of 14 million Kilowatt hours of wind power through Native Energy and McEnergy allows them to achieve their goal of running the NovaCare Complex training facility and Lincoln Financial Field on 100 percent clean energy all year long.

"We're going all the way. We're going to win the Super Bowl. And I say that with some degree of confidence," Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said. "But I can say with absolute confidence, with today's announcement, the Eagles are by far the greenest team in the NFL."

The Eagles' wind energy purchase would not have been possible without simultaneously pursuing strict conservation programs. Since 2004, at Lincoln Financial Field alone, they were able to reduce their energy consumption by 7,500,000 kwh, nearly a 30 percent reduction.

"We started (in 2003) with an initial purchase of 10 percent wind energy," owner Christina Lurie said. "Today, we can say that we are effectively operating off the grid."

"Go Green" has not only drawn attention to the Eagles organization, but also to Christina Lurie. Recognized in the media for her innovative environmental business practices, Lurie has now been honored by being appointed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter to the city's Sustainability Advisory Board.

"(This) contributes to our No. 1 goal, which is to be the No. 1 green city in the United States of America," Nutter said. "Philadelphians do care about the environment. This Sustainability Advisory Board ... we got the best and brightest that we could."

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