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Former Rivals Are Now Teammates

New Eagles guard Kyle DeVan believes he got cheated out of monumental win. Trevor Laws said the victory was "fair and square."

DeVan and Laws were two of the nation's top high school wrestlers in the heavyweight class back in the winter of 2003. Although DeVan hailed from California and Laws from Minnesota, the two squared off at a national wrestling duals competition called The Clash.

Laws led 3-2 with around 30 seconds left in the match. DeVan went for a takedown, but Laws said he never got the second leg and time expired. DeVan said that Laws got the win because the match took place about an hour from Laws' hometown.

"You can ask him. I took him down with a couple of seconds left and didn't get the call because we were in his home state," DeVan said.

Not so, Laws replied as he remembered the match vividly.

"He only had one leg. He didn't climb the waist. He didn't cut to the double," Laws said. "Anyone who knows the rules knows that's no two."

The match sparked what DeVan said has been a "fun and competitive" friendship. The two played against each other in college at the 2004 Insight Bowl as DeVan's Oregon State team beat Laws' Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The two played against each other last year when the Eagles beat the visiting Colts.

Now, the two are teammates as the Eagles claimed DeVan off waivers from the Colts on Sunday. And just to add spice to their rivalry, their lockers are right next to each other.

"There are going to be some locker room battles going on here," Laws said.

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