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First Practice A Success For Andrews

Shawn Andrews participated fully in this afternoon's 10-10-10 practice, working exclusively with the scout team. He didn't miss a single rep.

"I didn't feel anything," Andrews said after practice. "I'm very, very proud of my body coming back the way it has thus far."

Andrews said it felt great to get back on the field practicing with his teammates, but he has a lot to work on.

"Just on a couple of punches, my outside hand was a little inside versus on the outside shoulder," Andrews said, critiquing his performance. "I was a little rusty.

"My job is to play football. And Coach Reid has gone the extra mile beyond belief for me. Like I told coach, 'I'm going to go 100 miles an hour man. I wouldn't waste anybody's time if I didn't want to play football."

Having not worked with his fellow offensive linemen since training camp started, Andrews said he's looking forward to jelling with a formidable line that includes his brother Stacy.

"I think it's my job to please those people who it really matters the most to," he said. "The guys that I go sweat with everyday and the guys that have given me a second chance.

Andrews is hoping to get some work in against the Jets this Thursday, but there are some things he needs to accomplish in order to do so.

"Just, these next couple of days, prove that I'm in pretty decent shape," he said. "Just do what's necessary, which is take care of the guy across from you."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 3:03 p.m., August 29

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