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Fans Leave Their Mark On New Mural

Earlier this week, Eagles season ticket members showed off their artistic abilities as they helped paint the new Darien Street mural ...

Fans of all ages joined together to leave their mark on Eagles history by helping paint a new mural that will be displayed across the street from Lincoln Financial Field in the spring. The mural was an opportunity for the fans to team up with Eagles employees, players, cheerleaders and SWOOP in creating this work of heart. Together, the creation of this 17,000-square-foot mural will be one of the largest in the country.

"We were very excited to work with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on a mural that will be displayed right outside of Lincoln Financial Field and captures the special relationship that exists between the city, the team and the fans," said president Don Smolenski. "It has been a lot of fun to work alongside season ticket members on this project that fans will be able to see every gameday."

Over the course of four community paint days this month, fans painted sections of parachute cloth in Lincoln Financial Field's SCA Club. The design, which is about 600 feet long, features images of Eagles players, fans, the City of Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Field and more. Painting together was an opportunity to reminisce on their favorite stories as loyal Eagles fans. And those stories spanned the generations as young and old came to paint.

"I think it's really great to say, 'Hey, I was able to work on this with my dad,'" said season ticket member John Parker, who attended one of the sessions with his father. "I can take my kids or grandkids and show them that my dad and I put our work in this mural."

Season ticket member Justin Aglialoro thought that it was a unique experience that he could share with his family.

"I'm proud to be an Eagles season ticket member and my three daughters love to paint, so this was absolutely an ideal situation," Aglialoro said.

The notion of creating memories with the mural also triggered some other stories as well.

"I originate back in 1960 when the Eagles beat the Packers at Franklin Field for the NFL Championship," Parker's father, John III, said. "So, my history goes way back, but this is truly a tribute to the fans and to the sport. The Eagles have really done a great job in supporting the fans."

Fans were also there to pay their respects to family members who had passed. Donna Braitman, who painted with her daughter Jena, was one of those season ticket members.

"My husband was a longtime Eagles fan and had season tickets and he passed away," Braitman said. "We are doing it in honor of him."

That is the beauty of the mural project. It offered fans the opportunity to leave their mark on something that will be seen for years to come. The families were proud to say that many generations of their family to come will know that their name is imprinted on the wall, and the Eagles were happy to share the experience with members of their family - the fans of Eagles Nation.

Upon completion of the project, there will be more than 2,900 hours devoted to the masterpiece, using 386 gallons of paint and 1,150 paint brushes to create the public work of art.

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