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ESPN's Dilfer Sees Bounce Back For Vick

Super Bowl XXV winning quarterback and Monday Night Countdown's Trent Dilfer spoke with the media earlier this week to discuss the action from Week 1. During the call Dilfer was asked about Vick's performance against Cleveland:

"Yeah, that was really interesting to watch because the biggest danger in week one for quarterbacks is try to do too much, is to try to make some signature statement in the first game of the season saying, hey, here I am, watch me, I'm going to light it up, we've got changes on offense, kind of that splash factor, and you end up playing outside the structure of the offense.  And that's really all I saw happen to Michael.  Simple stuff that I've seen him execute at a high level last year he tried to do too much with.  He tried to make too many big plays."

"And then what happens is that snowballs, and what happened to Michael was a couple things didn't go right early on, and now instead of just settling down and trying to find his rhythm, he tried to make up for it by making more great plays.  He has the potential every time he takes a snap of doing something phenomenal, but when you play outside the structure of the offense, there's also the danger of something terrible happening each time, as well."

"So I think it just got away from him really quick, and he just kept trying to make up for it, and you see that kind of frenetic activity in the pocket when that happens to him because that's where most of his biggest plays have come is when he's tried to escape from the pocket or do what I call second and third reaction quarterbacking to break down the defense and make a big play, and Cleveland was ready for that."

"Now, to his credit, that last drive, I don't know what clicked, but that last drive he just ran the offense, and the touchdown pass I thought was a beautiful example of he starts off looking to his left, he goes through two progressions on his left and flips his hips back to the right, which is what that play calls for, it's a play I ran a bunch in Seattle, I know very well from the West Coast, and he gets back on perfect timing and throws a touchdown pass.  He was able to settle himself down for the one drive that mattered the most."

"But I think it'll be a great learning lesson for him moving forward.  I think he'll probably evaluate himself that exact same way.  He'll see all the plays that would have unfolded if he had just stayed within the structure of the offense, and I look for him to use this as kind of a launch point to get back to the really good Michael Vick, which is the guy that plays the Andy Reid West Coast offense with discipline and with structure."

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