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Early Look: No Points On First Drives

Washington's first offensive possession ended at the Philadelphia 39-yard line, and the Eagles took over on their 12-yard line to begin offensively. LeSean McCoy tried the middle of the Washington defense but lost a yard on first down, quarterback Nick Foles threw down the left sideline for wide receiver Riley Cooper, who was bumped into by cornerback David Amerson, with no call.

Undaunted, Foles found DeSean Jackson for 19 yards on the left sideline and Washington cornerback E.J. Biggers was penalized for unneccesary roughness against Jackson and the Eagles had a first down at their 45-yard line.

Two plays lost a yard, and on third and 11 the Redskins chased Foles right and out of the pocket, and the Eagles punted after the incomplete pass.

Two drives, one by each team, and no points.

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