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Eagles WRs React To Green-Beckham Move


As the Eagles wrapped up their Tuesday morning practice, head coach Doug Pederson shared with his players the news that had already spread across the NFL. The team finalized a trade with Tennessee, sending veteran offensive lineman Dennis Kelly to the Titans and acquiring Dorial Green-Beckham in return.

While the wide receivers were not expecting the move, it's one they immediately embraced and one that certainly strengthened the position for the Eagles. The group is excited for the newest member of its room to arrive in Philadelphia so they can get to work.

"We just found out at the end of practice," Rueben Randle said. "Coach called us up and told us we made a trade. It's kind of news to everyone in the receiving room, but we're just going to welcome him in, just try to get him up to par with everyone else and just keep the train moving."

"I think now we just got a heck of a lot better," said Nelson Agholor, who was in the same draft class and shares the same agent as Green-Beckham. "That's a good thing."

From the start of his coaching tenure, Pederson preached competition among all the position groups on the team. Adding Green-Beckham only forces the current wide receivers to buckle down and focus more on perfecting their craft. It should bring out the best in all those players.

The wide receivers have had their fair share of ups and downs during Training Camp. They're endured injuries as Jordan Matthews has been sidelined with a knee sprain. They've had drops. They've had miscommunication.

The Eagles have acquired WR Dorial Green-Beckham from the Tennessee Titans. In exchange, the Eagles sent veteran offensive lineman Dennis Kelly to Tennessee.

But, they're working to get through the hardships and become a group the Eagles can depend on. The addition of Green-Beckham should help them reach that goal.

"You have to come in and you have to try and bring in more and more assets to the team to try and help make the team better," rookie Paul Turner said. "If he's going to come in and make the team better then I think that just helps us overall as a receiving corps, so I was happy. Ultimately, I was excited and I just think that we all have to continue to go out there and get better each and every day and try to make the offensive one cohesive unit."

"At the end of the day, whatever decisions that they make upstairs, we can't control that," Agholor said. "What we can do is respond. What we're going to do is with a guy coming in, we're all going to compete. He's going to make us better. We're going to make him better."

Agholor, though, isn't focused on how the move reflects his own play. He is worried only about how it will improve the team and is excited to see what the receiving corps can achieve with yet another talented player.

"I look at it as an opportunity for us to become a better football team," Agholor said. "They want the same thing I want and that's to win football games and to be a great football team. When management makes decisions, they do it with the concept of wins behind it. As a football player, that's what you do. I don't do this for me. I do this to win football games."

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