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Eagles Women's Football Festival serves as a family bonding tradition for fans 

Scenes from the 2023 Eagles Women's Football Festival!
Scenes from the 2023 Eagles Women's Football Festival!

In 2016, the Eagles hosted their first Women's Football Festival (will link to site here), and the event has been a big hit with fans ever since.

"To have an event that makes women front and center of the day is super special," said Jackie Yanchocik, a frequent attendee of the festival. "It's awesome that the organization values us as important fans."

Jackie and her mom, Sue Yanchocik, first attended the Eagles Women's Football Festival in 2018. Jackie had surprised her mom with tickets as a Mother's Day gift. The two are huge Eagles fans and love spending quality mother-daughter time together.

The festival has expanded since the Yanchociks made this their Mother's Day tradition, with attendance rising every year, more activities for fans to participate in, and greater support from the players. 2024's festival is expected to be the biggest one yet.

"Everybody has a good time," Sue said. "They're enjoying it; they want to be there to support the team. It's great to see women come together like that in a sports environment."

Jackie and Sue love attending the festival because it gives them the feeling of being a player on the team. From participating in drills on the field, watching film in the locker room, and partaking in photoshoots, fans really get a taste of what it is like to be an Eagle.


Their favorite activity is the X's and O's session where current Eagles players analyze and dissect their favorite plays.

"I realized through going to these sessions that there is much more to just running a play," Sue said. "You have to learn the lingo, understand the language, and study the plays. That was all super interesting to us."

Jackie and Sue, who will be attending their fourth festival, enjoyed using what they learned in the classroom and applying it to the football drills they ran on the field. Sue hopes to one day take her granddaughter to these festivals to continue their family tradition.

Anna Befumo, a passionate Eagles fan from Toms River, New Jersey, went to the festival for the first time last year. Other fans raving about their experience prompted Anna to buy tickets and invite her aunt and sister to join.

"It was awesome that we were able to experience the festival together," Anna said. "It was fun to engage one-on-one with the players, meet some of the cheerleaders, and interact with other women."

Anna's greatest memory from last year's event was meeting cornerback Avonte Maddox, who has been to the last two festivals and hosted an X's and O's session with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro last year.


All fans who attend the 2024 Eagles Women's Football Festival are guaranteed an autograph from at least one Eagles player and have the opportunity to participate in stage games with them.

"The organization obviously cares a lot about its female fans and women's sports," Anna said. "This event brings attention towards that."

This year's event will feature a welcome address from quarterback Jalen Hurts, painting with Eagles Hall of Famer Tra Thomas, an X's and O's session with current players, and much more.

Tickets are still available for the Eagles Women's Football Festival on Sunday, May 19. Purchase them at the link below while they last!


Jalen Hurts will be at the Women's Football Fest!

Join him on Sunday, May 19th at Lincoln Financial Field in this incredible event designed for women.

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