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Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes | July 29, 2022

Avonte Maddox comes up with the interception.
Avonte Maddox comes up with the interception.

The Eagles held a 75-minute practice on Friday under a cloud cover that offered some relief from the sun and heat. Fran Duffy, Ben Fennell, and Chris McPherson provide a recap of what happened on the practice fields at the NovaCare Complex.

1. As individual drills got underway, I strolled over to the wide receiver group. Coach Aaron Moorehead led a drill focused on defeating press coverage, and the players went through reps working on several moves to defeat a jam. As the players lined up to work on various jab steps and swipe moves, Moorehead and Passing Game Coordinator Kevin Patullo gave pointers throughout. Quez Watkins showed off his quickness at the line on one play, shaking the "corner" (Moorehead) at the snap with ease. It's also apparent when you get close to these guys just how big A.J. Brown is. He's a very physically imposing wideout. – Fran Duffy

2. In the pictures and highlights that are posted on our digital channels, fans will notice several players wearing large, cushioned wraps on their helmets. These are Guardian caps designed to reduce head injury. Any player can request to wear one, but it is league-mandated that offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers, and tight ends wear them during all preseason practices up until the second preseason game. Center Jason Kelce took the protection to another level by adding a layer of bubble wrap over the Guardian hat. All kidding aside, the 12th-year veteran appreciates anything that can help preserve his safety and keep him on the field. "The NFL is trying to make it a safer game and trying to help protect the health of the players as much as they can. It's the newest thing." – Chris McPherson

3. While Fran was over watching the fancy wide receivers, I got down with the offensive line on the opposite field, and one thing stood out right away – the evolution of Jordan Mailata. For years, the former seventh-round pick was the developmental player who was clawing for every rep he could get, picking the brain of every veteran he could. Now? Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland tells the young players that Mailata is the model to follow. It's crazy how far he has come and now he sets the example for the rookies. – Ben Fennell

4. Team periods begin and Darius Slay sets the tone early for the defense, impacting a quick game throw and getting the ball on the ground. Wednesday was a very crisp morning for the offense, and I felt that today's session definitely leaned the other way. Center Jason Kelce agreed, saying that "I think they (the defense) came out here with a lot of energy and effort today." This play got the ball rolling in that direction, but the offense wasn't completely devoid of impressive reps. Tight end Dallas Goedert reeled in a one-handed catch underneath, drawing some "oohs" and "aahs" from the fans in attendance. – Fran

5. After the first 11-on-11 action ended, the two line groups went separate ways and the rest of the team focused on a 7-on-7 drill on the middle field. On the second play, second-year tight end Jack Stoll brought in a catch between the hash marks. The throw from Jalen Hurts narrowly escaped a near pass breakup from linebacker T.J. Edwards, who dove with full extension to try and deny the completion. Edwards is another player who is a great story for all of the undrafted players in camp, as he's developed into a really useful, reliable player on this defense. Stoll, who went undrafted last spring, could be headed along that same path. – Ben

6. After the starters wrapped up the first few plays, the backups took the field in this 7-on-7 session. Gardner Minshew missed wideout Deon Cain on his first attempt, but completed his next pass in the direction of rookie tight end Grant Calcaterra before once again finding Stoll downfield on a crossing route. Minshew, with the energy and passion that he consistently exudes, threw a huge fist pump after the big play. The defense won the next play, however, as defensive back Andre Chachere pulled an interception. The guy to try and run him down? Minshew. – Fran

7. Special teams periods took place next, focusing on the punt and kickoff units. For the offensive line, this meant working on blocking stunts and twists from the defensive line. One thing was apparent here, Coach Stoutland loves good effort – and that means from everyone involved with the drill. The linemen executing the blocking on the drills were coached just hard as the players pretending to be defenders on the rep. Stoutland's intensity oozes into each drill. – Ben

8. While that was happening, I was over watching the special teams drills. There was a small group of people that caught my eye in between fields. Tight Ends Coach Jason Michael was working with Dallas Goedert on a drill, just throwing passes to his star pupil – but with a twist. One of the Eagles' trainers had a towel wrapped tightly around Goedert's right bicep, pulling hard on it as he tried to extend to catch the ball. This drill is meant to help train Goedert to play through contact at the catch point – something that is crucial at that position when working in the middle of the field. The coach got a little help shortly afterwards, as cornerback Avonte Maddox came over to provide some assistance. The former roommates contested for some throws in between drills before Maddox went back to some special teams work. Always good to see those two interact. – Fran

9. Team drills begin again, with the first-team units on both sides heading to the line of scrimmage. This period begins with one of the standout offensive plays of the day as Jalen Hurts hit A.J. Brown on a deep crossing route. It was pretty similar to the throw Hurts completed to Quez Watkins in the red zone for a touchdown on Wednesday, as Hurts broke the pocket to his right and hit a streaking Brown coming from the other side of the field. On the very next play, the two hooked up again on a screen for a nice gain. It's hard to imagine this not being a pretty consistent connection this fall. – Ben

10. After two big plays from the offense, the defense took its turn. Linebacker Kyzir White burst through the line of scrimmage for a "sack" on the next rep, getting the defense riled up. That play got the excitement rolling, but the unit exploded on the ensuing play, as cornerback Avonte Maddox skied into the air and pulled in a throw intended for Goedert downfield. Maddox played this ball beautifully, attacking it at its highest point and coming down with the interception before running back the other way to celebrate with his teammates. – Fran

11. On the final play of this session, with the third-team units on the field, the offense hit a long gain on a screen play. It seemed to be well-executed, and the offense was really excited. But as the play came to a close, Stoutland came running out onto the field. One of the offensive linemen had missed his landmark, and his coach was going to let him know about it. This was such a great teaching moment, and an outstanding example of what Training Camp is all about for the team. The result may seem great, but the process will always win out. Details matter, especially in the trenches. Stoutland hammered the point home, gave the player a pat on the back, and ran back to the huddle to wrap up practice. – Ben

Injury Report

Did Not Participate

• WR Zach Pascal – Illness

• WR Keric Wheatfall – COVID progression


• DT Fletcher Cox – COVID progression

• C Jason Kelce – COVID progression

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