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Checking out, I read over a transcript of a chat hosted by NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp on Tuesday. While many of the questions focused on the return of Brett Favre, a pair of NFC East-related questions caught my eye.

C.J., West Chester 04:05 PM ET: Hey Warren! The Eagles were a super bowl contender BEFORE Vick, so what does that mean now? I'm thinking Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl this year, your thoughts?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network: Patriots? Yes. Eagles? Fifth on my list of the NFC teams. I have Minnesota, Washington, Atlanta and Cardinals.

Sascha, Midland, MI 04:31 PM ET:You have Washington, Atlanta and Zona on your NFC Top 5, but no room for the Giants? What's the reasoning for thinking that New York will drop a bit?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network: You remember what the Giants looked like when Plax wasn't there? Get used to it! Plax had 122 starts out of 128 games with 55 TDs. The receivers they have now have 19 career starts with 9 TDs. You do the math.

For those out there who can't get enough of live chats, senior writer Steve Wyche will be chatting live TODAY at 12 p.m. Wyche covered Michael Vick and the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 11:25 p.m., August 19

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