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Eagles Remember Last Meeting With Lions


When the Eagles arrive at Ford Field on Sunday, they'll do so with the memory of Thanksgiving Day 2015 fresh in their minds. But, this year's team isn't anything like the one that played in Detroit last season.

The Birds entered that game with a 4-6 record, and coming off consecutive losses to Miami and Tampa Bay. They were also without their starting quarterback Sam Bradford, without tight end Zach Ertz and then lost tackle Jason Peters and cornerback Nolan Carroll to injury all before halftime.

It was a rough start and the team never recovered as it dropped its third straight game, 45-14.

"I missed that one. Obviously, guys remember that one vividly," Ertz said. "It was a tough game for us, being a short week on Thanksgiving to go out there and kind of lay an egg. It was very difficult to watch for me personally, not being able to play. But, guys vividly remember that game and it's definitely in the back of our minds."

The circumstances are much different this time around.

Philadelphia, still undefeated in 2016, is coming off its bye week fresh and prepared to play. The Eagles want to grab their fourth victory of the season and aren't putting too much of an emphasis on the past.

This is a new group with new coaches and a new attitude. Everyone is looking to the future.

"We're a different team. We're sitting in a different position," tight end Brent Celek said. "I think we're playing better, but we have to bring it every single game. It's all about how we do this week."

"As I say week in, week out, every day when people ask me about other teams, I don't think it's about other teams," NFC Defensive Player of the Month Fletcher Cox said. "I think it's about us and what we do in this locker room, the way we prepare, the way we practice. Obviously, I think we control what happens on Sunday."

Hoping for a much different outcome in 2016, the Eagles are ready for their return to Detroit. Although the Lions are currently 1-3, Philadelphia isn't overlooking its opponent. All three of the team's losses were decided by seven points or fewer.

It's a long season, so the Birds are going to continue to take things one step at a time. Their goal is to be 1-0 this week and head back to Philadelphia following the game with another win in hand. "No revenge factor. It's just we want to go out there and get the W and go 4-0," Detroit-native Brandon Graham said. "That's the whole goal. But, you know I do, because it's my hometown, I do want to get a win. Last year did give me a bad taste because I had to eat in front of my family, who are big Lions fans. They're B.G. fans, but at the end of the day, I do want to go in there and get a win. You can call it what you want it, but I'm not going to say revenge. I just say, we want to go 4-0."

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