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Eagles Not Short On Offensive Options

Training camp is certainly a time for tinkering with some new ideas for the 2010 season. Whether we will see any of them when the games count in the standings remains to be seen, but the Eagles will have plenty of ways to give defensive coordinators sleepless nights this year.

The Eagles' best route runner at wide receiver is Jason Avant. A 6-0, 212-pound force in the slot the past few years, Avant was lined up as an H-back in practice so that he would be matched up against a linebacker – advantage Avant.

Avant said that if he ever played H-back it was back at Carver High School in Chicago. Nonetheless, the depth at running back, tight end and wide receiver does present plenty of advantages in Avant's eyes.

"We are excited about having guys that can do a lot of different things and I think it's a good complement to everything," Avant said. "We have guys who can run straight. We have guys who are quick and fast. We have guys who are strong and quick. We have guys that are big and fast. It's a lot of combinations and it creates a lot of matchups. Anytime you can use a guy in a particular situation that gives the team an advantage it's good."

Another wide receiver who has been utilized in a myriad of ways thus far is Chad Hall. The former Air Force receiver/running back can catch the ball out of the backfield, run the reverse or serve as a decoy to confuse defenses. Out of football for two years while serving his military commitment, Hall understands that at 5-8, 187 pounds he needs to serve multiple purposes on this team.

"The more things you can do, the better chance you have. It's going to be cut down so small to 53. If I can do a lot of things, a lot of things well, it just makes my chances better," Hall said. "It's great that we have a lot of people who can do different things. That's all it is. If you can get more mismatches, if you can get more separation and get the ball out in space good things will happen."

The Eagles year in and year out have had one of the top offenses under the watchful eye of head coach Andy Reid. But Avant isn't concerned with what this offense will look like under first-year starting quarterback Kevin Kolb as much as the end results.

"I'm not concerned with the offense being deadly. I'm concerned with getting Ws," Avant said. "Ever since I've been here, we've had one of the best offenses in the league and I don't think that's going to change but we're concerned about winning games and winning the Super Bowl."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:45 p.m., August 3

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