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Eagles Looking To Move Into Top 5?

The hours leading up to the NFL draft are always filled with rumors, even more so this year with the first round not getting underway until 7:30 PM. With their ownership of 10 picks in this year's draft, the Eagles certainly have the ammunition to move up in the first round, and there has been rampant speculation that they might do just that.

The teams considered most willing to trade down are in the 10-12 range; however Derrin Horton of NFL Network is now reporting that the Eagles could potentially be in the market to move up all the way to the fifth overall pick, currently owned by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Horton adds that despite the team's interest, according to his sources, in like safeties Eric Berry and Earl Thomas, the target at number five could be one of the draft's premier defensive ends - Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech and Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida.

We won't know exactly what the Eagles do until the draft gets rolling, so make sure to watch Eagles Draft Live! presented by Dietz and Watson tonight to get all the Eagles-related news as it comes in. Until then, Bloghead will keep you posted as the rumor mill churns.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 1:09 p.m., April 22

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