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Eagles Life: The Mechanic Jason Peters


Seven-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jason Peters has built an impressive résumé on the football field, but what many people don't know is that Peters is a car enthusiast with an impressive collection, business and knowledge base.

Peters' love for cars started when he was very young thanks to his grandfather, Dallas Wiggins, who was always fixing up cars at home. The trait was passed on to Peters from just being around Wiggins, and it wasn't long before the Queen City, Texas native started buying cars of his own. At the age of 18, Peters bought his first car and from that point on the collection grew.

Peters now owns 12 cars that reside in his shop, and claims that old-school models are his favorite.

"Old school just speaks character," said Peters.

Although he has favorites, he likes to add variety to the collection.

"They are all different colors. There's not a specific color that I choose. When you're doing something as a hobby, you change it up here and there. It just depends what it is, a truck or a car," said Peters, who has also entered his vehicles in shows, another way for him to enjoy the craft.


The self-proclaimed "truck guy from Texas" enjoys driving his Mega Cab Dodge the most, and was also able to teach himself how to drive his PS Freightliner that he uses to tow his camper and other cars.

Aside from driving and collecting cars, Peters also knows a great deal about fixing them from his grandfather. To this day, Peters works on his own cars if he has the time. Due to Peters' knowledge and passion for cars, his friend proposed the idea of opening up a shop. Peters owns Greedy Boy Customs in Shreveport, Louisiana, a shop that specializes in customized cars.

Peters has been successful in multiple facets of his career and continues to work hard doing the things he loves. As for his cars, only time will tell what vehicle will enter the garage next, but for now he's satisfied with his collection.

"I have pretty much everything I want," he said.

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