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'KELCE': A documentary following the journey of an Eagles legend  


Jason Kelce – a hungry dog, an underdog, and a DAWG. One of Philadelphia's favorite athletes. Amazon Prime Video takes you into the life of Jason Kelce in "KELCE," a documentary showing how the 13-year NFL veteran navigated the 2022 season as he contemplated retirement.

To celebrate the release on Tuesday, September 12, a red-carpet premiere event was hosted on Friday, September 8 at Suzanne Roberts Theatre in Philadelphia.

"KELCE" is produced by 9.14 Pictures, Vera Y Productions, and NFL Films. Former Eagles pass rusher Connor Barwin is one of the executive producers.

"He did not change for the cameras; he was authentic to himself," said Barwin, who is now the Eagles' director of player development. "For people that watch this film, it will be different from a lot of sports documentaries where it is hard to not change in front of the camera. He has an incredible ability to be himself all the time."

Along with Jason; his wife, Kylie; and parents Donna and Ed, Head Coach Nick Sirianni, the entire Eagles offensive line, and former players were in attendance for the premiere event.


Here are 10 reasons why you should watch "KELCE":

1. Hungry dogs run faster

Revisit Kelce's legendary Super Bowl Parade of Champions speech on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps. The fan-favorite showed up in a Mummers costume, roaming the streets, chanting with fans, and giving a speech that will go down as one of the most memorable moments in Eagles history. For many fans, the Super Bowl Parade of Champions was one of the best days of their lives.

2. Scavenger hunt!

Where would you put a Super Bowl ring in your house? Go on a search through the Kelce household as Jason searches for his Super Bowl Ring. While Kelce is a tremendous football player, he has trouble finding his belongings, per his wife, Kylie. Is it in his pants pocket? Is it in its case? Is it on the nightstand? Watch to see if Kelce found his ring.

3. Get to know Kylie Kelce

Kylie Kelce is a star! Jason's wife is a main character in the documentary, helping give viewers an unprecedented look at the hectic everyday life of the Kelce family. You may have seen Kylie's debut on New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. The documentary will give you more of her story, focusing on motherhood and what it is like to be the wife of an NFL star.

"Early on, she did not want to be on camera and did not want to get involved, she was so resistant," Barwin said. "She is amazing. It is her being herself. She is a true Philly girl. She is great in every scene she is in."

4. Injuries are a part of football

Seven surgeries are what Kelce has had to endure throughout his career. As he gets older and closer to retirement, Kelce is feeling the effects of playing a hard-hitting sport for such a long time. Viewers will get an exclusive look at some of Kelce's X-rays; if that is something you are interested in.

5. Reaching New Heights

Per Spotify's podcast charts, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce is the most popular sports podcast and the fifth-most listened-to podcast on the platform. From the first episode through Super Bowl LVII, fans will get a look at how the podcast has transformed from two brothers who had no idea what they were doing to a nationally recognized sports podcast.

"Hopefully, we have gotten better than the first one," said a laughing Jason Kelce. "It is funny to look back and seeing where we were when we first started, to what we got to, and certainly to where we are now."


6. Brotherly Love

Jason and Travis are known as the two brothers with a podcast and the two brothers who faced off in the Super Bowl, but the documentary shows that they are much more. Go deep into the loving relationship between the two, how Jason helped Travis get back into football, and what it was like playing against each other on the world's biggest stage. Also, get a glimpse of Donna "Momma" Kelce's rise to stardom as the mom of two of the league's most popular stars and what that meant to Jason and Travis.

7. What is next for Jason?

Kelce might be set for life after football with the success of the New Heights podcast with his brother Travis. For Jason, that is not the only thing he has in mind. The documentary will show viewers the many different avenues that Kelce explored for his career after retirement. Of course, the story was told anticipating him hanging up the cleats following the 2022 season. We all know Kelce is back in Philadelphia for his 13th year, all with the Eagles. However, that does not change his potential plans for his next phase of life.

8. Dad mode activated

Kelce loves being a dad to his three girls. A clip of Kelce playing with his daughters on the field after a 2023 Training Camp practice went viral this summer. That is what we see in public, but how about at home? Viewers will enjoy a special moment of Jason and his daughters after last year's Super Bowl that will lighten the mood. If you watch the documentary, you can have a bedtime story read to you by the Eagles' center.

"Every time I see him with his kids, they are laughing and having a great time," Sirianni said. "You can tell a lot by the kids' reaction when they see their dad, and that is what stands out about Jason."

9. 38 weeks

For most of the documentary, Kylie Kelce was expecting the birth of the family's third child. Many fans know the story of her attending Super Bowl LVII 38 weeks pregnant and bringing her obstetrician along to Arizona. Find out how that was possible and what it was like to go through that process.

10. Jumping off the garage

The phrase "jumping off the garage" plays a vital role in the theme of the documentary. What does it mean? Why is it important? Find out by watching "KELCE."

You might be wondering what Jason's favorite part was?

"The funniest part is when Travis and I are in the garden, I think that is hilarious," Jason said.

Watch "Kelce" to find out why that was Jason's favorite part of the documentary and to find your favorite moment of Jason's journey!


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