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Eagles Celebrate National Dog Day


In honor of #NationalDogDay on August 26, check out some of the players' adorable pups! View the full gallery here...

It's National Dog Day, when your dog deserves a few extra treats or maybe even an extra-long walk. It's a day to sit back and appreciate everything your dog brings to the table (or steals off of it).

In reality, National Dog Day is just an easy way to look at videos of cute dogs online all day without getting in trouble by your boss.

Some Eagles have dogs that would be great on the football field, so they decided to share with us what position their pooch would play. We have also "fetched" you some pictures of Eagles' and their dogs in the gallery above.

When the Eagles were surveyed, linebacker and running back were the most popular answers. However, there were some Eagles who said their dogs were just too lethargic for football.

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews' Beagle/Mastiff, it is "like Shiloh, but furry," would make the team as a second-string holder.

"He's so lazy. All he does is sleep," Matthews said. "He would come out to practice knowing he wouldn't have to hold in the game. He would do his job every once in a while, but they'd keep him on the team because he looks cool."

Penelope Anne Lumpkins Jr. the Third, defensive tackle Beau Allen's dog, is the perfect pooch for a special teams wedge buster.

"She's crazy. She's a psycho," he said.

Offensive lineman Dennis Kelly has a wheaten terrier named Harley and a lab hound mix named Sanford.

"Sanford would definitely be a defensive back because he's pretty athletic. Harley is pretty stubborn; he kind of does his own things so he'd be a kicker, maybe," Kelly said.

Charlie, defensive back Walter Thurmond's pit bull, is best suited to line up right next to the tackle at tight end while a handful of other players' dogs would play linebacker like cornerback Nolan Carroll's American bully dog, Prime.

"He's not the smartest of dogs so you just tell him to go get something and he just goes," he said.

Guard Malcolm Bunche has a dog named Zeus that would make it on the roster as a linebacker because "he has a big head." Zion, Bunche's other dog, would be a cheerleader because someone has to cheer them on!

Offensive lineman Jared Wheeler's mutt named Jinger knows how to play like a linebacker.

"When my two dogs go at it, she knows how to use her leverage. She stays low and she gets what she wants," Wheeler said.

Jypsy, Wheeler's American Great Dane, would best fit in the role of tight end, along with Charlie. 

Enjoy the adorable pups of #EaglesNation in honor of #NationalDogDay 2015!

"Jypsy would be a tight end because she's long and fast. She's not quite coordinated like a receiver, but she'll get the job done," he said.

Tank, quarterback Matt Barkley's teacup Maltese poodle, would be a running back and safety Brandan Bishop's yorkie named Kobe would be right there with him at the position.

Tight end Eric Tomlinson's boxer Rocky would be a member of the running back squad as well because he's "quick and agile."

You can add Denver to the list of running backs. Kip Smith's German shepherd lab mix would add a lot of energy to the roster.

"He's a menace. He's active. He trucks through everything and runs non-stop," Smith said.

Defensive end Travis Raciti has two dogs named Snoopy and Lucy.

"My mom is a huge Peanuts fan," said Raciti.

According to Raciti, Lucy would be an offensive lineman because she's very large and Snoopy would be a running back because he's quick and shifty.

What other position would Bronco, quarterback Tim Tebow's Rhodesian ridgeback, be other than a quarterback?

"He's a leader," Tebow said.

Defensive back Eric Rowe's golden retriever named Chance loves to catch the ball, making him a perfect candidate for a receiving position. But, there's no chance you're getting the ball back.

"Every time he gets the ball, he doesn't give it back," Rowe said. "If he gets the ball, he's keeping it."

That sounds like a perfect roster fit.

Another corner position would be taken by a boxer named Trout, the director of media relations Derek Boyko's dog.

"He can run with anybody. He's a ballhawk," he said.

Now, you're all probably picturing a football field with dogs running around and that's exactly how we wanted it on National Dog Day.

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