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Eagles Celebrate Earth Day


According to the Conserve Energy Future, one and a half acres of forest are cut down every second and more than 100 million people worldwide are affected by pollution. As a result of deforestation and other environmental threats, it's predicted that rainforests will be completely extinct within 100 years.

In honor of Earth Day, the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Group volunteered their time to clean up FDR Park as a way to keep the neighborhood around Lincoln Financial Field clean for visitors to the Sports Complex. Corporate responsibility is equally important to Lincoln Financial, and partnering with the Eagles on this project demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable practices that improve the quality of life.

Additionally, the Riverbend Environmental Education Center brought students from the Stephen Girard School in South Philadelphia to help. The school is one of six in Philadelphia that participate in Riverbend's Philadelphia Children Access to Nature Program (P-CAN). The P-CAN program is intended to create positive change in the School District of Philadelphia's science education. By Riverbend working with teachers to increase their science teaching skills, they are inspiring students not only today but those in the future as well.

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